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In addition to my background in journalism, I take the initiative in developing my well-rounded skill set, including professional photography, video production, marketing, advertising, social media management, and public relations. I am a strong believer that one can only grow and evolve by gaining fresh perspectives and trying new techniques. 


My entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge allow me to identify the potentials and the risks of the declining newspaper industry. I successfully transformed a local Chinese newspaper into a multimedia company by launching the video magazine Seattle PANO, and a brand new consulting service plan. These products achieved a 60% increase in the business’ revenue. 


During my role as an editor and marketing executive, I have built a tight relationship with Seattle communities and brands. I collaborated with non-profit organizations such as Ethnic Seattle and Intentionalist to promote local businesses. My current project includes Craftswomen in Seattle, a video series that explores the talents in the PNW region. 


Originally from Hong Kong, I am a world traveler who has been to eight countries in the past five years. My understanding of cultural differences, as well as my support of diversity and inclusion, make me a vital team member who searches for ways to integrate valuable insights.

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